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Bigfoot Decking

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"Very responsive and receptive to ideas as well as giving suggestions with his expertise! Turned out amazing and couldn’t have asked for a better designer/builder."

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T. Bartridge

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"Connor did am amazing job on the project!"

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"I would highly recommend his services to anyone. His level of professionalism and attention to detail is truly top notch!"

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  • Custom Website Plugins
  • Dynamic Contact Forms
  • Custom On-Website Calculators
  • Engaging Website Animations
  • Mobile Friendly Video/ Photos
  • Design and Function Guidance
  • ADA Compliance (Section 508)

Most websites are nothing more than online brochures. You can have a website that does much more than look pretty, with features tailored to the unique needs of your company, providing an ideal website experience for your customers (and future customers).

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RoughEst Instant Estimate Calculator banner

RoughEst Instant Estimate Calculator plugin for Wordpress

Introducing our open-source, free estimate calculator built for the Wordpress website platform. This website plugin is ideal for automating websites for contractors and construction companies. RoughEst Instant Estimate Calculator is now available in the global Wordpress Plugin Directory, just go to Add New Plugin and search "RoughEst"

Check out our plugin playground in the link below.

View RoughEst Plugin

We build tools for productive websites

Custom website plugins that work for you

Custom Calculators

Perfect for construction websites

On-site calculators help potential customers gain an understanding of your costs instantly. Saving you time on unproductive calls and bids.

Instant Result:



$850 - $1150


Website calculator values and results can be packaged in contact forms so you can see the numbers they viewed. All these website calculations can be customized to your specific needs.

Custom Plugins

Two Tone Decking Example

Have a lot of options for customers to choose from? Let them try out different variations on their own time.

Decking Board Color 2 Decking Board Color 1 Decking Board Color 2

Board Color 1

Board Color 2

We've got your app and web
development needs covered

Custom Web Design

Show the world what you have to offer, in a format any device can display, in a way that your customers can understand and gain confidence in your company.

Web App Development

We are skilled in web technologies that can automate your workflow. Bring functionality to your website and save time with functionality specific to your goals.

Mobile App Development

In the beginning, you'd have to build an app for each platform. With modern development technology, we can build once using hybrid development software and deploy on all devices.

Internet Marketing Strategies

Client acquisition is vital to every company, we're experienced in using social media, listing websites, and more to connect your company with new customers. We can help with ad creation, placement, management, and more; along with organic strategies.

Social Media Marketing

Your customers are on social media, we can help you reach them there. Well managed social media accounts can passively generate trust in future customers and validate your standing in the marketplace.

Professional Photography

Photos can make or break your website. The right photos in the right place give your message a positive impact. If you have photos, we can make sure your photos are optimized for your website. Need photos? We offer professional photography services.