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360 vs Vertical Aspect Racing Footage

360 vs Vertical Aspect Racing Footage

Vertical footage taken at Stateline Speedway.

Same footage taken at Stateline Speedway presented in 360 format.


Presenting footage in 360 format is great, specifically when your video watcher is mobile and interested in directing their own experience. You are delivering all the digital information that could place them in the recorded event.

Vertical video is the format that everyone is watching by default. Holding your phone naturally and sorting through short clips is how most people are consuming content. TikTok brought this user experience into prominence, but now Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube are getting in on the action.

YouTube appears to be boosting their Shorts feature right now, so it may be worth trying your hand. Some of these videos were uploaded and not promoted at all, yet one received 3.4k views thanks to no other effort outside the algorithm delivering these videos to people outside the channel’s subscriber base.

Shoot with 360, deliver in Vertical, then also deliver the 360.

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