Invest in your web technology

Custom Websites

Websites typically range $5,000-$10,000

Custom Apps

Includes base-level public facing website

Plans and Pricing

Running costs associated with keeping your website online

We maintain ultra-fast cloud hosting servers. Once your website is complete, we offer four monthly web hosting service levels. Our lowest level of service is fast, reliable web hosting. Higher priced service levels may include services such as continued web development hours, SEO Marketing, content generation, social media management, market exclusivity, and more.

Website Service Plans Monthly Subscription
Standard Website Hosting $100/month
Standard Maintenance Plan $300/month
Advanced Development Plan $800/month

App Development Plans Monthly Subscription
Base App/Website Hosting $300/month
Standard Maintenance Program $800/month
Continuous App Development Handled per requirements

Hardware Infrastructure Per order
De-googled Phone Fresh Device Cost + $500
De-googled Phone BYOD Shipping + $500
Linux Computer Setup Device Cost + $500

Maintenance plans provide for occasional updates: ie changing banners on websites, adjusting information, changing/ adding media content. Advanced and Aggressive plans are for Active development: ie building new features and functionality for your website, including content management. Social media management services are also available.

App and Website service plans are month-to-month, no annual contracts.

Upgrade or downgrade your level of service at any time.