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Mobile App Development
Android + iOS dual launch starting at $40,000
Running costs: Starting at $500/mo

Web App Development
Browser applications starting at $20,000
Running costs: Starting at $400/mo

Custom Website Development
Modern, basic websites starting at $2,000
Running costs: Starting at $80/mo

Cloud-based Filesystems
Dropbox/ Google Drive replacement
Starting at $4,000

Videoconferencing Systems
Zoom/ Slack replacement
Starting at $8,000

Payment Schedule

Each app development phase is divided in thirds.

Timeline of a project

The first third payment is due before the app development starts.

The second third payment is due 7 days after delivery of the initial draft, before starting a revision cycle. Two revision cycles are accounted for in the cost of each development phase.

The final third payment is due before deployment of your digital infrastructure and any transfer of intellectual property.

Acceptable forms of payment

Invoices are payable online by credit card or ACH.

Checks are accepted.

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