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Development Process

Development Process

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Building an app that drives your business

Moving from 0 to 1 apps in the app store, or 0 to 1 web apps broadcasting from a server, is the most pivotal step for your business’s digital infrastructure.

Our app development process is designed to reliably bring your new tech online as soon as possible.

Writing down requirements

To launch your app as fast as possible, deciding on a set of key features is step one. Think about which features you need for your minimum viable product to make sense.

We can build more features once your app has hit the ground running.

Agreement of terms

Adobe Sign is used to outline and agree to the app requirements for this app development phase, pricing, and payment schedule.

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Starting your app development

Once the app’s feature-set is determined, and the project underway, our turn-key app development services handle all aspects of programming your app architecture. You may receive emails for clarification along the way, but now is the time for us to put our heads to the grindstone and hand-craft your app.

Delivery of the initial draft

The initial draft of the app will be ready for review on your device, or a device from your device fleet, with all agreed upon features present in the app. Now is the time for you to review those features and let us know if anything needs to be modified before launch.


Two revision cycles are standard for all app development phases.


Your app is now live on the app stores!


Our comprehensive hosting service handles system updates, security certificates, and uptime monitoring. We’ll keep your app online and accessible, so that you can focus on what you do best.

Further developments

Once your app is live, it’s time to start marketing. Make some sales and come back for app improvements once you’re in the black.

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