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Custom Websites

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Custom Apps

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Development Process

Payments on web development services are made in thirds based on the website/ web app development feedback loop.

1st Phase - Begin Project

Initial payment (1/3rd of total payment) is due to begin the project. An invoice will be sent to you and payment will be due to initiate development. Once your payment is confirmed, website requirements are drafted, assets (info, photos, etc) are received, we begin the project.

2nd Phase - Revise Project

When the initial draft of your website or web app are complete, we'll send you a link where you can view and test the site live on our servers. Two revisions are included in standard agreements, so if you decide to make some changes to fine tune the site this is the time to list them out and discuss them with us. To begin adjusting for your revisions, we begin the second phase of development and the second payment is due.

3rd Phase - Launch Project

After the revisioning process is complete, your site is ready for publishing! We will discuss hosting options for the webpage server and web domain ( and the hosting fees involved to pay for server space (typically ~$15/month for hosting, ~$20/year for your domain). Some options include server storage space and performance speed. We can inform you on both low cost options, or high performance options, depending on your needs. The third and final payment is due before deployment to the web.

Project Completion

Once your website or web app is live on the web, the development process is complete! Customers and potential customers will be able to visit your website to learn about your products or services.

Futher Development

The websites and applications we build are flexible and customizable with a view towards future improvements. If you ever need to change information, adjust or grow the scope of your website, we'll be here ready to help.

Photography Pricing

Elevate your marketing materials with high resolution photography. Product photography, portfolios for construction, architecture, trades, business and more to help your business stand out from the competition.
Service Price
Daytime Photoshoot $200
Twilight (Sunrise/ Sunset) $300
Nighttime Photoshoot $300
Product Photography contact us
All photoshoots include digital files for website and social media postings. We can also organize printing physical copies on paper, plastic, metal, or any available substrate.