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What is SEO Marketing?

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Marketing is the process of gaining rapport between search engines (like Google, Bing, Yahoo, and DuckDuckGo) and your website. Each search engine technology company has automated bots crawling the internet, measuring the websites they find, and ranking those websites for the search queries that your customers are using.

Websites can rank high for specific topics, specific locations, as well as specific services and service providers found in specific locations. Your business website has a ranking that dictates how high your listing will appear in search results.

The better your company's business website ranks in search engines, the greater opportunities you'll have to generate leads, gain new customers, and make sales for your business.

How does SEO work?

Complex algorithms made simple

Search engines use their own proprietary software and complex mathematical equations to compute how websites are prioritized for website searches. They create ranking systems for global brands, local website searches for services in your area, and more.

While the exact decision making processes used in each search engine is not public information; there are plenty of information points we can use to infer your website's ranking, and boost your website's score where it counts.

SEO Winning Strategies

Moving your business up the ranks
  • Content and Keywords

    When search engines find your site, they read through the content on your website to find out what industry or topic your website should be categorized into. If you're a deck builder, your website should use plenty of phrasing that may hook into what deck customers are searching for. Extra points, are gained if you are producing authoritative content (articles, blogs, video content) related to the specialty your website is advertising.

  • Authenticity

    Your website needs to be authentic. Many people want to game the system, and Google knows it, so Google's Search team is constantly working to prevent and punish people who attempt to game the system. Good strategy takes time and care, but once you've gained an authentic and authoritative ranking in Google Search your ranking will be much more secure and difficult for your competitors to de-throne.

  • Meta Tags

    Meta tags are a form of content that is not displayed to visitors on your website, but are accessible to the systems that access your website. When your website is shared, on social media for example, the presentation of your website's link can be controlled for optimal presentation through meta tags. Meta tags can also make sure search engines log correct information about your website. If your meta tags are not set up, or are set up incorrectly, this may be damaging your search engine ranking.

  • Social Recognition

    The best way to show search engines that your company is valid and trusted, and that your website is an authoritative source of information, is when other popular and reputable sources link to your website. When someone mentions your company and links your website in a highly viewed article, your ranking improves because this social recognition is registered by search engines. Having a large social media following also shows search engines that your business is real and valued.

  • Backlinks and Listing Services

    Listing services are some of your greatest allies on the internet. There are many websites dedicated to helping customers browse local companies by service, and your company needs to be there. It's also important to have your business properly set up on Google Maps, Bing Maps, Yelp, Facebook, and other listing and review platforms. Also recommended are industry specific platforms like Home Advisor and Houzz, who offer paid lead-generation services, but also have free listings that your company could benefit from managing. All these together secure your company's web presence.

We're your SEO Marketer

Give your website a fighting chance

Search Engine Marketing is a competitive process. Other companies want that top listing, so your strategy needs to be aimed at winning quick and holding that ranking into the future.

Competitive website development is a constant and evolving process, Inland Applications is here to fight for you.

Every website web build carefully considers SEO best practices, even our cheapest options. If you're serious about dominating your space, we're here to educate, coach, and provide creative services to make your web development SEO strategy the winner.