How it works

Estimate Process
Phased approach to keep you in the loop

We use an estimate process we developed and refer to as the Road Map. Larger projects are broken down into phases that are delivered as complete projects in their own right. Each step of the way you have a finished product in your hands, and can choose your own pace.

If you'd like to start small, you can pick a basic option. If you would like to take your website or app to the next level, the next milestones are clearly outlined.

Phase One: Basic Website

This is a one to three page website that contains information about your business, accessible and well formatted for all devices. This can include details about your company, services, contact info, and more. All basic websites include SEO markup and external page setup like Google Maps, Google Search, Bing, and more.

Cost: $XXXX

Phase Two: Enriched Website

This expands the Basic Website into separate enriched pages. Company info, team info, services, and more are separated into their own pages. This adds more information to your website and helps search engines understand what your website has to offer.

Cost: $XXXX

Phase Three: Dynamic Website

The Dynamic Website includes a blog roll and other ways to update your website yourself. This is where your website ceases to be an online pamphlet and becomes your own platform for the world. This enables you create articles and flow traffic through your website that makes your website competitive among other similar websites in your area.

Cost: $XXXX

Phase Four: Advanced Website

This is where your website becomes an integral part of your business. Advanced websites include storefronts for you to sell your products. This can also include backend systems for you to store and interact with data relevant to your business, as well as communicate with your customers in a tailored way for your company.

Cost: $XXXX

Phase Five: Mobile App

This is your own icon, and environment, on your customer, fan, or employee's phone. Mobile apps provide a much more intimate and persistent experience with your community. Since your app is custom built and tailored to your company, the opportunities are endless.

Cost: $XXXXX

...and so on.

Development Process

Payments on web development services are made in thirds based on the website/ web app development feedback loop. This is a general template for how our web development process works in practice.

1st Phase - Begin Project

Initial payment (1/3rd of total agreement cost) is due to begin the project. Digital payment options are available. The development stage includes establishing technical requirements, wireframing the user interface design, and resource gathering (images, videos, designs, color palettes, etc).

2nd Phase - Revise Project

When the initial draft is complete, we'll send you a link where you can view and test the app or website. This is the time to list any changes you'd like to make before deployment. The second payment is due to begin phase two implementing your revisions. Standard agreements include two revision cycles.

3rd Phase - Launch Project

After the revisioning process is complete, your site is ready to be deployed. We will discuss hosting options and the continuous service level that's right for you. The third and final payment is due before deployment.

Project Completion

Once your app or website is live on the web, the development process is complete!

Futher Development

The websites and applications we build are flexible and customizable with a view towards future improvements. If you ever need to change information, adjust or grow the scope of your website, we'll be here ready to help.

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